“Ginger Ale, Watermelon”

One afternoon an old gentleman dialed the wrong phone number and history was made. Apparently, he was looking for a man named David.

“Colonel Kiplinger”

A telemarketer calls a southern man with a drawl you can't help but fall in love with!

“Sensei Hunan Beef”

Upon posting a Help Wanted ad on craigslist titled, “Dojo Seeking Live Punching Bag for Women’s Self Defense Class”, a man named Able calls Sensei Hunan Beef and tries to prove he has what it takes!

“The Vegetables”

After “Giuseppe Parmesan” posts an ad on Craigslist (Rhode Island) offering to give away his bountiful crop of tomatoes, two unsuspecting vegetable lovers get more than they bargained for.

“Francis Needs an Assistant”

Elderly man "Francis Conklin" places an ad on Craigslist for an "assistant/personal helper".